Monday, September 24, 2007

it started like any other monday...

this was such a great day...i felt i needed to write a little so i can remember it :)
it started off like any other monday...but i stopped at Truet's for breakfast...yummmmm!!! this, of course, made me late, but not too late! today was the last day of ITBS so i had a little time to get things straight before i had to start teaching the kiddos. all of my classes were really, really good today. like, just about the best overall they have been all year...even my class that makes me want to cry was great! i'm giving them treats tomorrow :) i left school at a decent time, and i took a short, yet refreshing nap. then, as i am watching tv, the phone rings and it's this amazing...yet younger :/... guy. we talked for a while, which totally made me smile :) :) :) i watched the first episode of dancing with the stars, made my votes for jennie garth, watched lauren on the hills, then caught the end of the bachelor (more yummy than breakfast!). i know it wasn't all that eventful, but it was A FABULOUS DAY!!! now, i'm up too late, so it may not be repeated tomorrow, but i hope it will carry over!

hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

playing catch up...

it's amazing how far behind you can get when the summer comes to an end! on this official last day of summer, i'm still trying to catch up on everything...including this :) school is great! i love my kids...i had some of them in 6th grade, so the back to school transition didn't last very long. we have so much on us trying to reach AYP. i know that public school is a government run institution, but it seems that sometimes thing would be better if teachers could teach instead of doing paper work for the state! anyways...enough of that!
football season has favorite time of the year! i love waking up on saturdays in athens, watching game day on ESPN while getting ready for the game...tailgating in 100 degree weather then spending the afternoon/evening with 96,000 of my closest friends wearing red and black in sanford stadium! for those of you who aren't in to don't know what you're missing! here are a few pics of the past 3 weeks at UGA games...

we also went to the braves game for stephie's game...even if there's no hope of any post season action :(
other than that, not a whole lot going on. not a lot of time for anything else! i do have an opinion question for those of you reading this...what is too much of an age difference between couples? i am 26...what age is too young for me to date???