Friday, March 30, 2007

the job...

so, i went in to sub last tuesday, and as i was signing in the math coach asked me if i had ever taught algebra. i did during my practicum and student teaching, so she me to see the current algebra teacher at the school. (ok, you need to know some back ground if you don't know me...i taught math at a middle school for the past 2 years. the first year i was in 8th grade and really liked it, then i moved to 6th and didn't care for it too much. it was enough to inspire me to start grad school at georgia. after the first semester, i found myself broke with a huge desire to teach again. so, i started subbing at the school where i taught last year even though it's quite a distance from where i'm living...i think that's enough!) so, i'm doing a long term for her while she's out having surgery. last friday, the principal offered me a job teaching 8th grade agian. I'M SO EXCITED! i'll be taking the place of one of the people i most enjoyed working with, but she's moving to a math connections class to work with kids who are below standards so i'll get to see her around! to those of you who know how unhappy i seamed in t-town, know that i don't plan on moving back right away. i do still want to teach at the school, i just don't know that it's the best place for a single girl to live! we'll wait and see what happens starting in july!
i really didn't mean for that to be so long, but there ya have it! :)

on another note...went to the BEST scrapbook store ever today! i decided that i don't spend enough time getting things done. i have such big plans, but many of them never come to fruition because of my laziness or procrastination. since it's now spring break, that's what i'm going to work on this week! i'm pretty pumped up about finishing some things...which means there will be pics to come!

have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007


yeah!!!!! i have a job teaching 8th grade next year!!! woo hoo!!!!!
more later...

Monday, March 19, 2007

DNOW 2007

disciple now is always such a fun time for the youth at church. i was so lucky to have the opportunity to lead the juniors and seniors this year. it's funny...i had both of these groups when they were in 7th grade as well. it's amazing how God is at work with these girls, and i can see how far they have come from those bratty middle schoolers who made me rethink becoming a teacher! our speaker Chris spoke about becoming abandoned to God-we are lost, found, and called. we must be able to identify ourselves as His children and come to the realization that He has faith in us like He wants us to have in Him. the girls really opened up...of course that may because they are too crazy for words!!!

the most important thing to realize is that other than the sessions, FOOD is the most important part of the weekend! we stuffed ourselves and between friday at 7 and sunday morning we had 6 gallons of sweet tea...from chick-fil-a of course! the mix of girls was unique and added up to NO cliques, NO arguments, and NO sleep! imagine having 10 girls in a house with only 2 showers and there being no problems. we went bowling for free time on saturday and everyone had a great time doing that...except staphanie whose arm got tired...weakling! are some pics...

...this one was after our shaving cream fight with the youth minister!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


just sitting here bored, so i thought i would babble a little :)
this past weekend was great! holly and i took over my house, which my roommate (aka brother) hated, with all of our scrappity stuff. we stayed up until all hours of the night, actually the early hours of the next day, and we didn't worry about what we looked like. it was fabulous! we both got a lot done, and it's a good thing because i'm pretty sure we won't get to do it again for a while :( here are some of the pics from the days of fun...

here's holly and her messy much creativity...can't you see it??!

these are a couple of layouts that i did...

this is a little altered block i made for a baby gift. i also made a shadow box-type frame with a flower to match. you can see more pics of them on 2peas!

here we are cooking dinner. i made soup and we fixed grilled cheese sandwiches! they were delicious!

just to end up on a funny's my dad sleeping in the car yesterday. we had to make a drive to a funeral home (a friend-of-the-family's mom passed away) about an hour away. apparently he needed a nap :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007


well, while we were scrapping, we of course are watching grey's! this leads to us placing each of our friends into the roles of our favorite characters at seattle grace. here's what we came up with...
meredith-tracy...not really, but she's the closest
izzy-holly and dani...both too optimistic
burke-mo...not technically part of the group, but he fits the part
and the best one of them all.....
george-brett...they are one in the same!!!

if anyone knows of a mcdreamy or mcsteamy, please let me know...we need more hot boys!
i know this doesn't really mean anything if you don't know our friends, but we want to remember our ramblings at 1:33 am!!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

fav pic...

since holly had class today, i'm waisting time on the computer instead of scrapping...
i was reading elsie's blog, and she wrote one about her favorite photo, and that, of course, made me want to show you mine!
i know it seems like a silly one, but that's one of the reasons i love it so much! this is one that kirby and i took of ourselves. we were in gatlinburg for winter break last february, and we had paused the dvd player while one of the other guys with us left the room. have you ever sat and watched the little dvd icon float around the screen while it's paused? well, if not, you should know that it hits the corner very rarely. kirby and i foud this facinating, so much so that we were told to shut up because we screamed every time it happened! to waist more time until we could start the movie again, we decided to take some pictures. we started out smiling, but none of those normal happy pictures were working. without telling each other to make a face, we both did...and this is what we got! no make up, in our pjs, wearing the new aviator glasses, fun, amaing picture! kirby was killed in a car accident this past august, and every time i see this i know how fortune i am to have been blessed having him in my life!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

what a fabulous week!

well, it's only thursday, and i know that nothing can make this week less than fabulous! it started out on a rough note with the death of my great-aunt. it was not a fun day :( Since then, it has drastically improved...not because of anything big, just nothing bad! holly and i had planned an all scrapbooking kind of weekend, and we started early...on tuesday! i've gotten several pages finished, and she has finished a gift albums for one of our friends. spring break starts up here next week, and most of our friends are going out of town, so we're kicking it off here without them but with our scrapbooking supplies! there will be more posts to show my accomplishments...hopefully many of them :)
well, i made taco soup for dinner...yum, yum...and then the fun begins!