Wednesday, December 19, 2007

decorate tree-check!
buy gifts-check!
wrap gifts-check!
hang other decorations-check!

i can not believe i'm all caught up on Christmas prep! now it's time to relax!!! of course, relaxing means cleaning the house, taking out trash, washing clothes, and maybe then i can do a little scrapping! as soon as i get some decent pics of the tree, i'll post them!

as a teacher, i love this time of year. not because i get half a month off (which is FABULOUS!) but for many reasons...the kids are in the best mood. sure, they're wild and crazy ready to get out, but still, happy students are better than bumbed out students! also, it's exam time...those are easy days for everyone...especially when giving scantron tests. i've said from the beginning of the year that this was going to be a good one, but i've been really surprised at how close i've gotten with some of my students. one of them came with her mom to visit me on monday. she gave me an amazing gift, which made me did i get so lucky? it's not about the gift, it's about students who care as much about me as i do about them. if i wouldn't have followed God's direction sending me back to t-town, i wouldn't have these amazing 140 8th graders that i look forward to seeing each day! as i approach two weeks without them, i know i'll them! however...for now, i'm enjoying time without grading papers, any lesson plans, or getting flip charts ready for the next week! woo hoo...Christmas break is here!!!!!

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Bekka said...

This is such a great time of year to be a teacher! :) Sounds like you're way ahead of me -- I have the tree decorated...that's about as much as I can check off right now! Tomorrow is our last day - yay! The lack of lesson plans will be delightful!